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Welcome to GDC, we're glad you found us! If you love wildlife and the outdoors, we're sure you'll love it here.

There are 3 live wildlife cams that you can view. Each Live Cam page is setup differently so you should be able to find a page with the views that you will like. The pages with adjustable cam windows allow you to adjust the video window size by dragging the bottom right corner to the size that best fits your display.

Be sure to check out and join the chat. Ask any questions that you have.

The GDC Forum is a place to talk about hunting, fishing, recipes, or anything else!

Please enjoy your stay!


We are located north of Atlanta, GA, in Dawson County. The cameras and feeders are located upon 9 acres surrounded by over 200 acres, with a creek and man-made lake nearby. Wildlife here can be viewed and heard in their natural habitat, and includes White-tailed deer, Eastern Wild Turkey, opossum, rabbits, raccoons, squirrels, and the occasional coyote, as well as numerous species of birds. Three cameras are used to capture the live action at our feeders, and are instantaneously streamed as it happens.

Our cams have captured hawks swooping down to capture their prey, and baby raccoons and squirrels at play. Families of raccoons, deer, and turkeys can be seen here as they grow and mature. In 2009, our cams captured two bucks sparring in the ultimate show of dominance.

Best times to view deer are around dawn and dusk, but they may show at any time. We have some truly magnificent bucks, as well as other deer, raccoons and wildlife show up during the night. Turkeys, squirrels, and birds may be seen throughout the daylight hours. In addition to our cameras, we also have an outstanding, family oriented chat community, moderated for your family"s safety and enjoyment. Feel free to logon into our chat session and join our community, as all are welcome.

GDC Food Plot Cam

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